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CPC meeting warns of slack discipline enforcement in SOEs

Updated: 06 24 , 2015 09:20
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BEIJING -- Slack enforcement of discipline at some state-owned enterprises (SOEs) is a concern, a Communist Party of China (CPC) meeting on discipline inspection on Tuesday warned.

"Judging by previous inspections by the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection [CCDI] slackness in disciplining Party members is a common problem and the situation at SOEs is particularly grave," according to a statement issued after the meeting, which was attended by CCDI chief Wang Qishan.

Wang called for further efforts to ensure the strict governing of the Party.

The statement also said that a fresh round of inspections will be launched at 26 governmental agencies, institutions and SOEs including the Ministry of Transport, the People's Daily, the China Resources and the Aluminum Corp.

Maximum effort should be applied when governing the Party, and inspection work is integral to implementing this, the statement said.

As the drive to strictly govern the Party deepens, inspection work has been closely linked with the "Four Comprehensives," it said, adding that inspections have helped curb and deter discipline violations.

"Solutions to problems in China rest with the CPC, and to solve the problems of the CPC should rely on strengthened supervision of the Party by the party itself and by the public," it said.h "To maintain the advanced nature and health of the Party is a major challenge for us," it went on. "It has been proven that the CPC is able to correct its own mistakes."

The statement further called for innovation and improvements to the Party's self-supervision system, to ensure that power is locked up by the cage of regulations.

On discipline enforcement at SOEs, the statement said the SOEs are the lifeline of the economy and they should be made stronger.

"We should be confident with the achievements we have made regarding SOE reforms, and we should also face up to the problems we have."

Noting that Party discipline is stricter than law, the statement said "If its members, officials and cadres do not toe the line, the party will not be able to withstand the challenges in governing the country."

The statement stressed that the inspection should adhere to a strict standard to check whether Party members are observing the Party's rules and practice their duties.

The inspectors should also scrutinize whether Party members are faithful to the Party when implementing guidelines and policies, and whether there is any corruption.

The statement said discipline enforcement and punishment will be even heavier as the drive continues, to show the resolve of the Party to improve.

Moreover, it called on inspectors to be modest, prudent, honest and responsible in their work, and courageous with difficult matters.