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HKSAR current-term gov't issues 3rd work report

Updated: 06 23 , 2015 16:13
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HONG KONG -- The current-term government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) issued the work report in its third year here on Tuesday, reviewing the major progress that the HKSAR government has made in the past year to the society.

The report covers the HKSAR government's progress in areas including developing the economy, promoting democracy and improving people's livelihood, chief executive Leung Chun-ying told the media.

He said the political reform package was eventually voted down in the Legislative Council, so now the HKSAR government will focus on economic development and improving people's livelihood.

Leung said a lot of work had gone into developing the economy and highlighted the implementation of the Hong Kong-Shanghai Stock Connect and mutual recognition of funds with the Chinese mainland in the past year.

He said the HKSAR government had reached its main goals in the past year of achieving moderate economic growth, full employment, containing inflation and recording a moderate financial surplus.

In terms of livelihood, Leung said housing is a main focus and that the work report contained short, medium and long-term measures to increase housing supply.

He said endeavors during his first year in office to boost private housing supply had shown signs of success, as he forecast completion of private units to hit a 10-year high.

He said the HKSAR government will continue to increase land supply to tackle the housing shortage and called for the community 's support with those efforts.