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Mainland official says no room for "Taiwan independence" in Chinese national rejuvenation

Source: XinhuaUpdated: 2020-05-11

BEIJING, May 8 -- A Chinese mainland official on Friday said the mainland will not leave any room for "Taiwan independence" separatist activities.

"Marching toward the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, we are willing to create vast space for peaceful reunification," said Ma Xiaoguang, spokesman for the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office. "But we will never allow any person, organization or political party to separate any part of the Chinese territory from China at any time or in any form."

National reunification is critical to the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, Ma stressed, noting that the future of Taiwan lies in national reunification and the wellbeing of the people in Taiwan hinges on the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The historical trend toward a stronger China and national rejuvenation cannot be stopped by any force, Ma said.

"Upholding the one-China principle, we will continue working with our compatriots in Taiwan, promote the peaceful development of cross-Strait relations and advance the process toward the peaceful reunification of the motherland," he reiterated.