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'Taiwan independence' is common enemy on both sides of Straits

Source: China DailyUpdated: 2020-06-23

Remarks by a politician from Taiwan about the Chinese mainland aimed to create opposition across the Taiwan Straits, which exposed his "Taiwan independence" attempt again, a mainland spokeswoman said on Monday.

Su Tseng-chang, chief of the island's executive body, said on Monday that the mainland's missile stockpile posed a threat to the island, citing data from a report on China's military power released by the United States Department of Defense.

Su said that PLA aircraft circling Taiwan posed a threat to regional peace and stability, and Taiwan will be ready to respond. He said the mainland should focus on alleviating the COVID-19 epidemic instead of arms preparation.

The mainland is ready to do the utmost to strive for peaceful reunification across the Taiwan Straits, but doesn't promise to renounce the use of force, Zhu Fenglian, a spokeswoman for the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, said in a statement.

The use of arms is against interference by outside forces and a small number of "Taiwan independence" secessionists and their separatist acts, Zhu said.

"It is by no means against Taiwan compatriots," she added.

"Taiwan independence" is the common enemy of both sides that will only bring disaster to 23 million residents in Taiwan, Zhu said, adding, "I believe the majority of Taiwan compatriots can recognize its vicious acts."

Only when people on both sides unite to curb "Taiwan independence" forces can the situation across the Straits remain peaceful and stable, and the interests of Taiwan compatriots be safeguarded, she added.