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Taiwan reports new outbreaks of bird flu

Updated: 06 26 , 2017 14:40
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TAIPEI, June 23 -- Taiwan has confirmed new outbreaks of bird flu at two poultry farms and culled some 36,400 birds to prevent further infection, according to the local animal quarantine inspection authorities.

Ducks at a farm in Pingtung County were confirmed infected with the H5N2 virus, which led to 2,400 being culled, local authorities said Friday.

Earlier this week, a chicken farm in Tainan city also reported an outbreak of the virus, which led to the slaughter of more than 34,000 chicken.

Taiwan is a common destination for migrating birds and has reported multiple avian flu cases this year. The animal inspection authorities said it had strengthened quarantine and sanitation work at nearby farms to prevent further infections.

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