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CPC calls to set up "relatively complete" regulatory system by 2021

Updated: 06 26 , 2017 14:45
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BEIJING, June 25 -- The Communist Party of China (CPC) will establish a "relatively complete" regulatory system by its centenary in 2021.

In a recently published document, the CPC Central Committee said rule-based Party governance is a precondition for good state governance.

Improving Party regulation is necessary step to improving Party governance, building a socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics, and modernizing state governance. It is key to the Party's long-term rule and China's lasting stability, it said.

By 2021, a relatively complete regulatory system, an efficient implementation system and forceful safeguards for development of Party rules and regulations should have taken shape. The CPC's capability to govern itself in accordance with its own rules and regulations should have been strengthened.

The document said Party regulations should be based on the CPC constitution and the principle of democratic centralism.

It should consist of four parts: organizational rules that regulate various Party organs; leadership-related rules to improve guidance on all fronts; self-development rules to clean up unwanted work styles and corruption and to foster innovation and cohesion; and supervisory rules.

The document stressed that the the system must be rational in terms of its content and in line with procedural norms, so that all Party rules serve their function.

To smooth implementation, CPC officials will take the lead in learning and abiding by Party regulations, with educational activities and supervisory inspections on the regulations.

Those who breach the rules will be put under investigation and given severe punishment.

A team will be set up within the CPC for regulatory work.

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