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Chinese media commemorate start of Anti-Japanese War

Updated: 07 08 , 2015 08:33
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BEIJING -- Chinese media are commemorating the 78th anniversary of the "July 7 Incident," which marked the start of the eight-year Anti-Japanese War in 1937.

The People's Daily, the flagship newspaper of the Communist Party of China (CPC), recognized the CPC's sacrifice and leadership during the war, which helped lead to the Chinese people's ultimate victory against Japanese aggression.

The newspaper chronicled major events related to the war and called on younger generations to remember the past and carry forward the spirit of their ancestors' courage and bravery.

The events span from the "September 18 Incident" in 1931, which marked the beginning of China's efforts in the World Anti-Fascist War, to October 25, 1945, when the 50-year Japanese occupation of Taiwan ended and the island officially returned to its motherland after a surrender ceremony held in Taipei.

The People's Daily also published letters written by renowned soldiers and officers of both CPC and Kuomintang (KMT) troops who sacrificed their lives and families to defend national independence and world justice.

According to an opinion piece posted on the PLA Daily of China's People's Liberation Army (PLA), China should reflect on history and be determined to strengthen military power to protect its sovereignty and peaceful development in the face of escalating territorial and maritime disputes.

The China Youth Daily published a series of old photos showing the Chinese people's hardships in combating the Japanese invaders.

Local newspapers, such as Beijing News of Beijing and Xinhua Daily of east China's Jiangsu Province, interviewed veterans of anti-Japanese battles across the country. The survivors, now in their 90s, remembered details clearly, recalling vivid images of the battlefield.

State broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV) started a discussion of the "July 7 Incident" on the Sino Weibo microblog and called on citizens to appreciate the hard-earned peace and development that China enjoys today. The post has reached nearly 300 million people, and hundreds of thousands of netizens have participated in the discussion.

China was the first nation to fight against fascist forces. The struggle began as early as September 18, 1931, when Japanese troops began their invasion of northeast China. It was intensified when Japan's full-scale invasion began after a crucial access point to Beijing, Lugou Bridge, also known as Marco Polo Bridge, was attacked by Japanese troops on July 7, 1937.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the victory in WWII. China announced earlier this year that a military parade will be held on Sept. 3 at Beijing's Tian'anmen Square to commemorate the event.

China will also hold photo exhibitions in more than 150 countries and regions throughout August and September.