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Premier calls on overseas Chinese to contribute to economy

Updated: 07 07 , 2015 10:33
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BEIJING -- Premier Li Keqiang on Monday called on the Chinese diaspora to contribute to the country's economic growth.

There are more than 60 million overseas Chinese. They are a bridge between China and the international community, Li said while meeting delegates at the first overseas Chinese industrial and commercial congress in Beijing.

The premier urged overseas Chinese to help promote the upgrading of the economy as they boast advantages in capital, technology, management, and business networks.

They can also contribute to China's integration into the global economy in endeavors such as the Belt and Road Initiative and international manufacturing capacity cooperation, Li said.

With diligence, kindheartedness and a sense of social responsibility, Chinese living and working abroad can help enhance mutual understanding between countries, Li added.

China is confident and capable of meeting all kinds of challenges and ensuring a sustained and sound development of the economy, the premier said. Enditem