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Official underlines national defense technology innovation

Updated: 06 23 , 2015 08:51
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BEIJING - A senior Chinese military leader has called for accelerated innovation and development of the country's national defense technology.

Xu Qiliang, vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, made the remarks during an inspection in east China's Shanghai and the provinces of Jiangsu and Anhui.

"China is in a crucial transition from 'big' to 'strong,' and our military's equipment construction is shifting from catch-up research to independent innovations," Xu was quoted in a statement made public Monday as saying.

According to Xu, priorities should be given to research in both basic and cutting-edge fields, and research achievements must be transformed into advanced production and combat abilities in a timely fashion.

"The whole of the society should be encouraged to take part in the innovation cause for national defense technologies," Xu said, urging integrated support of technology, talents and funds as the foundation for better innovation efficiency.