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China central bank vows effective policy coordination

Updated: 09 30 , 2013 09:38
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BEIJING -- China's central bank has reiterated its commitment to a prudent monetary policy while also pledging to make its policy more targeted and coordinated to support the real economy.

"The central bank will fine-tune its policy in a timely and proper manner to seek a balance between stabilizing growth, advancing restructuring, promoting reforms and preventing risks," said a statement released on Sunday after a regular meeting of the People's Bank of China.

The bank vowed to optimize the distribution of financial resources to create a steady environment for China's ongoing economic restructuring and upgrading.

It also reiterated its pledge to push forward market-oriented reforms in its interest rate and exchange rate mechanisms.

The latest comments came amid the country's increasing efforts to deepen financial reforms.

China on Sunday opened a pilot free trade zone in Shanghai, which will be a test bed for a wide range of market-oriented reforms, including easing restrictions on finance, investment and trade, a move widely hailed as a crucial step in the country's reform and opening up.

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